Tuesday, May 12, 2009

an update? IMPOSSIBLE!!

A much needed update! I'm through my 3rd year at Sheridan, and I've relocated to Charlottetown, PEI for a few months for an internship with Trapeze Animation! Looking forward to a summer full of working, life sketching and planning my own film for next year. Now onto the work, which is mostly what I've been up to the past few months, but I wanna start with older stuff.

Fishy John is grumpy because he lost both of his legs trying to nab a shark for dinner. Cheer up Fishy John!

Turnaround for my Little Prometheus project

mock production still for fun

Aaaand now some stuff I did for an animated short I worked with several other people at Sheridan this year, (tentatively?) called Just Desserts. I focused on the color and background development of the film. Layouts on paper, digitally painted in photoshop.

Layout by Kyu-Bum Lee

Layout by Christopher Thompson

I had far too much fun doing this one

That's it for now!


Adamdraws said...

Bout Time sir,
I never saw the mock up frame for your 4th year film. Looks good.

Im hoping you are gonna make updating a habit.

Ben Thomas said...

Actually the mockup isn't really for anything, just an exercise for portfolio.

Gimme candy and I'll update more.

SANJU! said...

Ben! Awesome backgrounds. I enjoy the soft colours and (unintentional?) phallic landscape.

alexandre said...

Cool stuff Ben, Good luck with your final film bra.

Take care!

優質行動網 said...
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Amanda said...

Ben you need to update!
and get rid of that spam comment 8(